sandboarding experience class SandboardingExperience: def __init__(self): self.sand_dunes = [] self.player_position = 0 def add_sand_dune(self, height): self.sand_dunes.append(height) def start_experience(self): print("Welcome to the Sandboarding Experience!") while True: print(f"\nCurrent position: {self.player_position}") action = input("Enter 'r' to roll the dice or 'q' to quit: ") if action == 'r': roll = random.randint(1, 6) print(f"You rolled a {roll}!") self.player_position += roll if self.player_position >= len(self.sand_dunes): print("Congratulations! You reached the end of the sand dunes.") break current_dune = self.sand_dunes[self.player_position] print(f"You are now at sand dune {self.player_position} with a height of {current_dune}.") if current_dune > 0: print("Prepare for an exciting sandboarding ride!") else: print("This dune is flat, keep rolling the dice.") elif action == 'q': print("Thank you for playing!") break else:
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Available Online



  • 1 hour
  • 568 South African rand
  • Dassenberg Drive

Service Description

normal standard sandboarding, a person will stand on a board that has adopted to glide smoothly and easily over sand and then slide down a sand dune then walk up again, its bit tiring but fun

Cancellation Policy

to cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 24hrs in advance, no refund 24hrs before the tour start time.

Contact Details

  • Atlantis Dunes, Dassenberg Drive, Atlantis, Cape Town, South Africa


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